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New Site Meets The Nation’s Demands For Amplified Black Narratives

Diversity marketing mastermind Dante Lee has introduced another groundbreaking platform for the visibility and development of black communities. is an online resource that features news, stories and profiles about yesterday's and today's Black history makers. During a time of racial reckoning in this country, Lee’s site meets a national cry for the visibility and education of black history.

“Black history is American history, and knowledge of our history advances everyone. is meeting the call to educate and uplift during a time where it is not only necessary, but crucial,” explains Mr. Lee.

The website features unique stories and facts about Black history, culture and accomplishments. Appealing to a wide demographic range, the site profiles African Americans who have made and are still making significant contributions to technology, business, entertainment, politics, and even sports. Following in the footsteps of Lee’s other Afro-centric platforms, such as and, the bounds are limitless for what will shed light on in order to empower black Americans to know their history.


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