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We all know and love Terri J Vaughn from her fun witty role as Lovita Jenkins on The Steve Harvey

Show and her voice was definitely one of a kind! She has also had as much success in other television shows and movies, Girlfriends, Soul Food, All of Us, Daddy’s Little Girls, Three can Play that Game, Tyler Perry’s Meet The Browns and the list goes on! With all of her success she still finds time to give back to her community, be a great mother, a loving wife and take care of business! Take an exclusive glimpse into the inspiring world of the beautiful and talented Terri J Vaughn.

Q: You have been entertaining us on television for over 10 years, where are you from originally and what was your inspiration to want to become an actress?

A: I am originally from San Francisco, CA and on a fluke I entered the “Miss Black California Pageant” while attending California State Hayward. One of the judges who was a producer of a play that was preparing to go on tour asked me if I would be interested in auditioning for one of the parts. I did, had no idea what I was doing, but the director really liked me and they offered me a part. While traveling with the stage play, "Tellin It Like it Tiz," I was introduced to the real world of acting. The director Paul Roach started training me and fellow cast members, telling us what books to read and I was hooked. I never stopped training and learning from that moment on.

Q: Tell us how you come up with the creative idea of The Green Room?

A: I moved to Atlanta 2 years ago. Last year I started teaching acting classes out of Tree Sound Studios in Norcross. I taught using the plays and books I had brought with me from LA. When my students asked where could they go to buy the books, there was no place in Atlanta for them to go - only online. So after some research, I decided it was a must for me to provide the tools and resources these thriving, struggling actors needed, just as I needed them to help me along my journey in this business. So The Green Room became a passion for me to provide a space of nurturing, guidance and tools for those who want to pursue this career path seriously. And I wanted it to be a place where anyone who walks through the doors would feel like they just walked into their favorite Aunt's house and just want to chill out and relax a while. A place like home, away from home, to feed your mind, spirit, and soul with good food and drinks.

Q: You wear so many hats, Mom, Wife, Actress, Producer, Business woman, Acting teacher - tell us what is a day like in your shoes?

A: Wow! Long days that are over before I'm done. I’m up between 6:00-6:30am, getting my sons ready for school, making breakfast, catching up with them from the previous day, because I usually get home after they've gone to bed. I take 10-20 minutes to sit with God, read my bible and I try to get a workout in at least 3 days a week - once they are out the door. Rush home to get ready to go to the “store.” I’m at the store in the morning until the evening most days, talking to people, returning phone calls, answering emails, teaching class, figuring out my schedule and calendar to work with the girls in my foundation and other requests that come in. Going over details and projects with my producing partner Cas Sigers. Handling all the necessary things that come up with running a business and trying to make it successful. By the time I get home the kids are asleep and I get to spend some time catching up on the day with my husband, though we do get a couple of short check-in's during the day. I try to rest my brain and usually play a couple of "Words with Friends" game on my ipad. Then it’s “good night!” and do it all again the next day.

Q: Tell us a little about your foundation "Take Your Wings?

A: Take Wings Foundation is a mentoring program that I started 14 years ago by inviting 40 girls from my old neighborhood out to dinner. I flew 2 other celebrity girlfriends out with me, Kellie Williams and Suzanne Douglas, to have dinner with us. We all shared our stories, laughed, cried and the evening was amazing. When I was a teenager a lot of my friends got caught up in the wrong things: gangs, drugs, stealing and as a result a lot of my friends died way too young. I always knew I wanted to help young girls who would be faced with similar challenges that I was faced with at their age. I decided I wanted to be a mentor to inspire young girls to make better decisions and choices if they ever ran into the same sort of challenges and adversities. I want to see our children WIN big, and be positive and productive people, no matter where they come from. Take Your Wings Foundation was birthed from that vision. God did the rest.

Q: What’s next for Terri J. Vaughn?

A: I really have no idea. I'm excited though. A new television show soon, I hope. Maybe producing our next Nina Holiday Entertainment film. Maybe a new baby. Definitely growing The Green Room!

Q: What does the J in your name stand for?

A: Juanita! After an Aunt. :o)

Q: What about your J?

A: My J stands for Jasmin. My mom said she wanted me to have the initials EJ after one of her favorite soap opera characters - so there ya go! Thank you for this interview Terri I wish you many more blessings and continued success!

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