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Organization  The NIMBY Project 
Issue Women and Children Shelter Makeovers 

Pick it Up! Pictures and its entertainment affiliate Real Beauty Real Women (RBRW) and Non Profit Organization Break the Cycle a New Jersey Non Profit, filmed a Public Service Announcement for the NIMBY PROJECT at Showbiz Store and Café in New York City. The NIMBY Project was inspired by the award winning documentary Not in My Back Yard (NIMBY) created by producer and activist Jacquelyn Aluotto. The NIMBY Project is a TV Show to make over shelters across America and bring awareness and to eradicate violence, abuse, poverty and homelessness plaguing the country.

A long list of celebrities, activists, designers and artists were involved in promoting The NIMBY Project. Some of the participating celebrities included NIMBY Ambassadors John ‘Cha cha’ Ciarca from the Sopranos and Judge Edwin Torres author of Carlito’s Way and Boxing Commissioner for New York. Also in attendance was internationally acclaimed Fashion Designer Marc Bouwer; Radio and TV personality Egypt and Tiffany Dufu, President of The White House Project.

“It means the world to me for everyone that has and is participating in this movement and show to make a difference…Yesterday at this campaign I felt inspired by everyone.”
~Jacquelyn Aluotto, Producer of The NIMBY Project

Real Women and Children from the Shelters were also invited to be interviewed along with Sandra Ramos who was the first woman in North America to open up a shelter for battered women and children fleeing abuse. Ramos who has been Aluotto’s mentor for the last ten years has been working with abused women and children for over forty years. Stay tuned for more information on The NIMBY Project.


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