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Tamara McDonald                                                            Game Changerz, Inc




A philanthropist at heart, she’s very passionate about being a difference maker, getting involved in charity work and community, and engaged in changing lives of those she touch. Tammara is a native Houstonian and a proud alumnus of the University of Houston, with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies, with minors in Business Administration, Management, and Entrepreneurship.

Tammara’s distinctive business profile is comprised of a vast diverse spectrum of indispensable adeptness and proficiencies, which encompasses 23+ years’ cumulative experience and aptitudes. Her substantial summation of requisites includes, but are not limited to, solid backgrounds in Human Resources/Relations, Business Management, Administration, Business Development, Finance/Accounting/Audit disciplines, Project Management, and Strategist Consultancy.


Excelling in leadership roles, she is poised to succeed in challenging and rewarding endeavors, offers outstanding individual/team guidance, management, resolution skills, and is exceptionally organized, disciplined, and effective. She is a Visionary and highly accomplished Business Professional, pro-active critical thinker, and strong strategic partner, who is results driven. She has exceptional practical judgment and memory for details, with skills in developing process improvement, risk management, and consultative management directives for organizations. Tammara retains acute interpersonal skills, along with the ability to motivate and assist others in supportive and cooperative environments, while maintaining strong negotiating and networking skills (collectively and individually). She is known as a “Networking Guru”, who is personable, motivated, and enthusiastic. She has the ability to unify diverse groups of people, behind common
goals, initiatives, and causes. Known for transforming strategic plans, into workable solutions and benchmarks for positive change, she leads with an extensive scope of responsibility, precision, and a proven record of accomplishment. A maven in her own right, Tammara’s professional abstract includes delivering optimal results, in desperate environments to exceed goals and yield measurable outcomes.

Known as “Team McDonald”, Tammara along with her husband, former NFL Pro Athlete, Ricardo, are devoted Humanitarians, Philanthropists, and are true Champions for Charity! They are actively involved with several charitable organizations and community initiatives. The McDonald’s have 3 children.

Tammara is Co-Founder and Executive Partner of Imperium Business Group, and actively serves on the Board of Directors of several non-profits. She also has her own non-profit organization called GAME CHANGERZ, INC. (GCI). GCI is dedicated to changing the game in multifaceted capacities, by utilizing the influence, impact, and involvement of Pro Sports Wives and other influential and affluent women, in a positive light, engaging and aligning them with purpose-filled and purpose-driven community initiatives and programs.

Tammara’s life goals consist of operating and executing in excellence and making momentous and significant contributions to society. She has an authentic passion for “Making A Difference!”, and is fervent about improving people, processes, programs, initiatives, and the lives of others. Her steadfast motivation and perseverance comes from her faith, knowing that “The greatest amongst you, is the one who serves!” and her belief in recognizing that “The true worth of a person”, can evidently and vividly be seen by their actions, works, service, and the lives they touch. Tammara’s genetic make-up consists of making this world a better place by what she refers to as her 4-I’s - Impact, Influence, Inspiring, and Involvement.


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