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A world class Innovation Strategist, Ebony L. Noir is a regularly sought after thought leader, author, and speaker. Many people immediately fall in love with her down to earth “innovative” approach to life. She precisely and strategically intertwines her witty personality, as she speaks on business, relationships, finance, and her specialty; innovation colors. She is the CEO of SIBCOM Group, a business development consultancy firm for corporations, private entities, and start-ups. She uses her strategic and analytical mind to help individuals strategize to venture beyond the commonplace and explore their untapped potential resulting in socially conscious, scalable, and highly
profitable businesses.

Ebony seamlessly wears many hats and serving as the President of God’s Money God’s Way Ministries (GMGW); a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, is one of them. As the Founder of a national non-profit, Ms. Noir is able to focus on empowerment and transformation through inspirational financial literacy for the community. GMGW is governed by boards of directors, advisors, and trustees consisting of religious and community leaders, entrepreneurs, attorneys, research analyst, and various financial service representatives. Ms. Noir is known in the community for spearheading Community Transformation Projects that protect and promote those individuals in need
within underserved communities.

Ebony exercises her stewardship by serving on a select number of boards as well as strategic partnerships which include Houston Money Week; a city wide initiative of collaborative partners under the direction of the Houston Federal Reserve Bank. In addition to being the marketing co-chair, in both 2015 and 2016, Ebony was presented the “Outstanding Service Award” for her commitment to economic empowerment. Ebony is also the Chief Innovation Strategist of SIBCOM Group; Strategic Innovative Business Communication Group.

Despite her many achievements, her true pride and joy is being a mother, raising four Kidprenuers, with four separate successful businesses. She and her children speak at conferences and workshops aimed at youth empowerment and entrepreneurship. You can catch a glimpse of her children and their emerging brand CouchKitchen featured on many Houston media outlets including KPRC2 Houston. Ms. Noir and her oldest son, Chase were featured on FYI Network Stove Tots on Season 1 Episode 9. Ebony L. Noir currently resides in Houston, Texas with her family.

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