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CONNIE KWAN-WONG                                                       HGOCo




Connie Kwan-Wong used to be a pediatric cardiac sonographer specializing in Congenital Heart Disease. While working in the hospital she saw a lot children who had been abused and neglected . With her husband's support and faith in her she started the Connie Kwan-Wong foundation to help these children by using music and art. She also started a skincare and accessories company, CKW Collection, to help to fund the foundation.


Couple of years ago,  Connie  launched CKW LUXE magazine. CKW stands for Caring, Kindness and Wisdom. CKW luxe is a philanthropic, inspirational and quality living magazine. She wants to use the magazine to tell great stories and spread the message of love, hope and positivism. CKW LUXE donates all profits to various children's charities and hopes to use CKW LUXE to make a difference to the world. Connie truly believes that giving is better than receiving and always share our blessings with others whenever possible.

Two of her favorite charities are Boys & Girls Harbor and Houston Grand Opera. Boys & Girls Harbor provides a healthy, comprehensive residential care for children and families in crisis such as family hardship, neglect, abandonment or abuse. She visits them a few times a year with some inspiring artist and authors. This not only gives them love and attention but also a whole lot of fun.

With Houston Grand Opera, Connie supports the HGOCo. HGOco is an opera initiative that connects the Houston Grand Opera to the community through their performances, workshops, tours & camp. She was inspired to give to HGOco because she appreciates its success in making a significant difference in our children’s lives. The benefits of the arts for children are many. Some of the most notable ones include improving confidence, cultural awareness, problem-solving abilities and  nourishing their creativity .  Connie believe music is good for the soul and health. She also believes that it makes beautiful children. By supporting HGOCo, it also benefits Boys & Girls harbor. So what other better way for me to support both organizations at the same time and benefiting many other children.

Angel of Hope is representing my cause. My goal is to spread love, Hope and positivity. I hope to share my blessing with others whenever possible and help the people who need me.

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