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CLERENDA MCGRADY                                                                    Project P.U.S.H.

Bestselling author, life coach and inspirational speaker, CleRenda McGrady, is excited to share her voice and use her platform to shine light on what matters to her most – encouraging and challenging others to live beyond their limitations.

Recognized as a one of the “Top 30 Influential Women of Houston,” CleRenda is a successful entrepreneur and certified personal life coach. With her signature brand of coaching, education and empowerment, CleRenda has launched a movement and is touching lives through her non-profit organization, Project P.U.S.H. TM. The organization’s mission is to inspire, ignite and empower teens and women to connect with their purpose, fulfill their dreams and shift from where they are to where they want to be. Dedicated to encouraging and uplifting women of all ages, Project P.U.S.H. programs are designed to create Purpose-led, Unstoppable, Success-bound and Hope-filled strategies for life.

In her latest endeavor, CleRenda has published her first book, “Push Thru! Redefine and Create Your

Own Success Story.” An intriguing and transparent narrative, CleRenda candidly shares how her life was full of doubt and fears that left her stuck and stagnate until she decided to Push Thru! Drawing on

personal stories and transforming insights, Push Thru! is CleRenda’s inspirational guide on how to

identify your inner calling, breakthrough to realize your dreams and embrace your destiny. The

bestselling book was released in November 2016 and is captivating readers everywhere.

An active community leader and philanthropist, CleRenda also produces a number of empowerment events and raises money for various charities in the Houston-area. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from North Carolina State University and a Master's Degree in Education and Speech Pathology from North Carolina Central University. Married to 7-time NBA All-Star legend Tracy McGrady, CleRenda and her husband reside in Sugar Land, TX with their four children.





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