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Carla Bisong                                                                            Dress For Success




Bisong Art Gallery is a fine art dealer and gallery located in downtown Houston's historic Warehouse District. Owner Carla Bisong has always had a passion for the arts. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Finance and Marketing but pursued art as a well-needed balance. She recalls being enchanted by artists such as Max Ernst and feeling frozen in the beauty of post-impressionist masters. If Carla can help others to
experience the same intensity that she feels from art than mission accomplished.


Operating an art gallery in Houston Texas has allowed her to place beautiful original artwork into the homes of local and international collectors, small businesses and large organizations. The gallery has also been used to assist in charitable fundraisers, painting classes, and private events.

With the support of her husband Gideon, she opened the gallery in 2012 with little more than a big dream and the desire to become the platform for artists and art lovers to unite.

Their hard work has been rewarded with meeting the most talented and brilliant minds in the world. She is challenged to continue to learn and provide a level of service with integrity and love. The artists and collectors deserve the best.

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