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Allyson Spellman                                                           Animal Avengers




Allyson Spellman is a TV personality, empowerment speaker, spokeswoman, entrepreneur and animal advocate. Allyson is passionate about giving back, making socially conscious choices in her everyday life and supporting many causes.


As a lifestyle reporter Allyson appeared on network TV stations nationwide including Good Day NY, Chicago’s You & Me This Morning, Tampa’s Daytime, Atlanta & Co., Boston’s Around Town, Good Morning Texas in Dallas, Nashville’s More at Midday, San Antonio Living, We Are Austin, Great Day SA, CT Style, Better Connecticut, Virginia this Morning and many others. She was also a QVC On-Air Guest in the beauty category sharing the latest and greatest beauty products.

Her experience on a television set, energetic personality and passion for sharing innovative products naturally made Allyson a relatable and genuine spokesperson. It was no surprise when this busy mom became an on-air presenter on a home shopping network- by far her favorite TV gig!

When an opportunity with Jewelry Television® came along, she knew it would be the perfect place to combine her appreciation of gorgeous gemstones, love of learning and passion for helping women celebrate their unique style. Allyson loves her new role as a show host at Jewelry Television and her new city Knoxville, TN!

Her joy of performing led her to graduating with a BFA in theater arts, pursuing her MFA in acting in Washington, DC and ultimately calling the Big Apple home for over 15 years. While working in various capacities in the Broadway, television and film industry she also built a highly successful business and multi-media platform empowering women to follow their dreams through personal coaching, workshops and motivational speaking. She also toured the nation with Vikki Ziegler the star of “Untying the Knot” on Bravo delivering powerful workshops to ignite women’s passion and purpose. Before leaving for Tennessee she was honored as one of the “Local Ladies Making History” in honor of Women’s History Month for her accomplishments and charitable contributions. Allyson also co-founded a scholarship for entrepreneurial women to start, fund or expand a business.
Allyson is an emcee for many charitable causes throughout the year.  Two highlights of Allyson's speaking career were to be chosen as the commencement speaker for her alma mater Stephens College and to able to speak on stage at the United Nations for Women’s Entrepreneurship Day.

In 2016 Allyson decided to take a risk and do something she had never done before by entering a charity based pageant with the purpose of spreading awareness for Animal Avengers and promoting her passion of animal welfare. She ended up being crowned Ms. New England States and was able to show women that it is never too late to dream a new dream or set a new goal.

A life-long animal lover Allyson is dedicated to the welfare of all animals and giving a voice to those who have none. She is proud to serve as a board member and ambassador for Animal Avengers a non-profit started by actress and celebrity Shannon Elizabeth.

Animal Avengers is devoted to saving endangered animals by supporting anti-poaching units and assisting police, rangers, organizations and projects in South Africa to fight the current war on poaching.

Allyson is also proud to support Jane Doe No More, the Catherine Violet Hubbard Foundation and Animal Sanctuary and The Resiliency Center of Newtown among other animal related causes such as The Gentle Barn, HORSE of CT and Animal Hope and Wellness rescuing dogs from the dog meat trade in China.

Giving back is a family affair as Allyson is married to famed martial artist and multiple world record holder Leif Becker also known as “The Fastest Board Breaker in the World.” For his last world record Leif broke 12,120 boards in 24 hours at Ripley’s Believe it or Not in Times Square. This particular world record event was a fundraiser for the enCourage Kids Foundation.

When not on-camera you can find her reading an inspirational book, creating a new vegan recipe and of course spending quality time with her husband, daughter and two rescue dogs.

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