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We all know the Holidays are approaching quickly. In fact, a day or two after Thanksgiving, the “Christmas Holiday” comes alive. If you have a computer (which if you are receiving this newsletter, I’m sure you do), this is a must read for you!!!

Shopping for discounts, finding the deals, shopping on a budget are all terms we use, but where do we find the deals at? I am here to solve that problem for you! You find them on the internet! Also, right now would be perfect timing to order those Christmas gifts for yourself and others, ship regular mail and receive them within enough time to wrap them and stick them under the tree. You can save hundreds of dollars shopping this way, and as long as your timing is right you will be just fine. Sure there is always black Friday but honestly how much of us really make it into those stores without waiting outside on long lines for hours. This year let’s shop smart instead of hard and expensive! Here are some reputable sites where you can save loads of money on your Holiday and everyday shopping - and you can thank me later is a wonderful site to begin your search. It’s like the 1 stop shop in my book. You can get anything from home goods, baby items and toys, electronics, perfume winter essentials, books, games, music, movies and much more at fabulous discount prices. Everything this website sells are in surplus so the prices are lower. You can’t beat it! Check out the site you will love it!

For the ladies who love shoes and we all do! If you have about $40 bucks you have enough money to look through hundreds of beautiful, fabulous shoes at, and

So, get your flyers from the Sunday paper and plan wisely before you go on the websites. Sales in the flyers and on the websites may vary. You will have a great head start by checking put the flyers before you shop, know what's on sale and don't forget to utilize your bargaining power if you pay by cash.

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