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Jacquelyn Aluotto cleans up the backyard

"Jacquelyn Aluotto esta limpiando el patio de atras"

She campaigns against poverty in New York, and since birth, she has learned to have compassion and give herself completely to the less fortunate.

With both hands on the steering wheel on her way to work, her knuckles gripped more tightly as she heard on the radio a segment about homeless children; those that walk a life plagued by uncertainty–What will I eat? Where will I sleep? Will I go to school?–when all these questions should be certainties. | Read more

Fran Bobongie- November 2011

The Value of BEAUTY

I personally think that the term ‘beauty’ has been misconstrued by external influences, whether it is the media, or personal acquaintances; girls and women all over the world have the wrong idea of what real beauty is all about. I have my own idea as to what I think real beauty is and it is a view that is probably shared by many. However - how many of us myself included, take charge of what we know to be right and work with it? Read more


Ebony J Lewis- November 2011

Digital Holiday Deals!

We all know the Holidays are approaching quickly. In fact, a day or two after Thanksgiving, the “Christmas Holiday” comes alive. If you have a computer (which if you are receiving this newsletter, I’m sure you do), this is a must read for you!!!

Read more

Eric Alt – Beauty Tips - November 2011

So many women come into the salon in a hair rut. The weather is starting to cool down, and they want a change to welcome the colder temperatures and of course, to look amazing for their upcoming holiday festivities. Sometimes, a change in haircut doesn’t always do it. They want a change in color, and lately, my clients have been asking for a color outside the usual blonde or brunette… So I’m going to dedicate this post to the former step child of hair color, Red! Read more

Babydoesmakeup - Bebé Ellison - November 2011

The Low on Aloe

It’s amazing how many aloe plants you see in the grocery stores. Who knew this easily excess able plant had hundreds of benefits and over 240 species. In the cosmetic industry aloe vera is used to treat everything from chapped lips to dermatitis. The juice or gels from the leaves are used in such products as creams, lotions and shampoo. The plant is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties Read more

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