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The NIMBY Project PSA

with actor Luis Guzman

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The NIMBY Project PSA

@ShowBiz Café, NYC

Pick it Up! Pictures and its entertainment affiliate Real Beauty Real Women (RBRW) and Non Profit Organization Break the Cycle, a New Jersey Non Profit, filmed a Public Service Announcement for the NIMBY PROJECT at Showbiz Store and Café in New York City.
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The Women's Forum: Elly Awards

Barbara Walter, Evelyn Lauder

The Women’s Forum Inc. of New York City had their annual Elly Awards. Emmy Award winner Barbara Walters hosted the event with Evelyn H. Lauder and Diana Taylor.
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Javier Gomez Art Gallery, NYC

Fundraiser for RBRW & Strengthen our Sisters

On Tuesday June 7, acclaimed photographer and artist Javier Gomez held a special exhibition and party benefiting Strengthen Our Sisters and The exhibition of his work was from his recent book "Dimensions." The event was hosted by Lauren LoGiudice from the new movie "When Harry Tries to Marry".
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United Cerbral Palsy of NYC

The Great Gatsby Gala

The Great Gatsby Gala, in aid of the United Cerebral Palsy (UCP) of New York, was an event that consisted of a group of generous people including a list of celebrities getting together to support a worthy cause through fun, fine food and gambling.
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New York Fashion Week


The RBRW team stopped in at New York Fashion week. Check out the gallery.
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Tim Gunn’s Fashion Forward

@Skylight Studios

Tim Gunn and Gay Men’s Health Crisis (GMHC) hosted their Fashion Forward benefit at Skylight Studios to celebrate the fashion industry’s long standing commitment to both LGBTT issues and the HIV/AIDS epidemic.
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Redlight Children Campaign


The Redlight Children Campaign is the latest phase of a journey that began in 2002 Lawyer Guy Jacobson. While traveling in Phnom Penh, Jacobson encountered a barrage of young girls, some just 5-years old, aggressively soliciting prostitution. The horror was not lost on him. Shortly thereafter, he began gathering a passionate group of advocates determined to protect young children in danger of becoming part of the global sex trade.
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Halloween Fundraiser

to Benefit “Strengthen Our Sisters”

The event raised a lot of money to help shelter refugees from abuse and violence. It all comes back to that. Strengthen Our Sister’s is one of the largest domestic violence shelters in America. The Director Sandra Ramos is the first person to open a battered women and children shelter in North America.
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Lingerie New York

At Cipriani 42nd Street

The philanthropic organization, headed by director Renate Mutis Black and sheriff Kim Hoedeman, is designed to give underprivileged women loans to spearhead their own businesses, and last year launched a series of undergarment-focused shows as a way to build awareness and collect donations.
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United Cerbral Palsy of NYC

@The Famous Pink Tea Cup

The Santa Project Holiday Party benefited United Cerebral Palsy of NYC, New York City’s premiere agency for Children and adults living with disabilities.
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Seven Bar Foundation

Interview with the founder

George & Jacquelyn sat down to interview the founder of Seven Bar Foundation.
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Giving back is Glam! Activism is Sexy.

Life & Living Interview founder and Socially Conscious Fashionista Jacquelyn Aluotto visits Joanna Gagis from the "Life and Living Show" to talk about how we can all make a difference. Jacquelyn, founder of Break the Cycle & award winning film maker of NIMBY, created RBRW as a means to advocate humanitarian causes through the high glam world of fashion & beauty. Giving back is Glam! Activism is Sexy.

About Jacquelyn Aluotto

Actor Luis Guzman goes homeless for a cause!

The NIMBY Experience

In episode one "SEE ME?," actor Luis Guzman goes homeless for a cause! The NIMBY Experience is a pledge by celebrities committed to making a difference by going undercover to shed light on causes they are passionate about.

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RBRW was created for the "socially conscious fashionista," bridging the gap between those fashion forward visitors who love the glamour and excitement of the entertainment and fashion worlds, and those who want to become more socially active.

Our exciting and varied content promotes awareness of pressing social issues faced by millions of women and children in this country, with special emphasis on the plight of domestic violence victims. Our mission is to help women 'break the cycle' by giving them a way out through a place of safety, education, career help, counseling, practical fashion and grooming tips.

By building self-esteem, self-discipline, and social skills, real women everywhere can make the most of themselves, no matter the obstacles.

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